Photographer Focus: Nigel Powers

If I was Kanye West, I'd say Nigel's photos are dripping swagu. And by that I mean all of the characters in his work have major swag, and a seriously cool aura about them. His photos capture what it's like to be a certain age, and how important it is to stay true to yourself, something both Paul and I are struggling with in our quarter-life crises. His work revolves around a carefree sprit, drifting around the world trying to find yourself. I think everyone our age (mid-twenties) can relate to his photos, which makes evocative, a quality many artists struggle to achieve in their work. Check out a short Q&A with the artist, and more of Nigel's work below, as well as on his blog and website

location Toronto,Canada favorite camera 5D Mark II random fact about yourself I have an identical twin brother. favorite subject matter to shoot People in locations that I find interesting. photographers you admire Scott Caan, Terry Richardson, Rankin. what makes a great photo Good composition.
why do you love photography? I like that one image can show people the way I see things. do you do any other art? I film and direct music videos.