Animal Bikes Made in the USA

Looking at the tag on the back of a shirt is something we all do when we’re shopping. But how often do you pay attention to where the apparel was actually manufactured? For the most part we don’t, because we generally know where clothing is made, and it’s usually not in the U.S. That’s why Animal BikesMade in the U.S.A. soft goods collection caught my eye. It’s a unique collection not only because these soft goods are made domestically, but because Animal is one of the only BMX brands to do so using local NY/NJ companies.

Operating since 2000, Animal was started by street rider Ralph Sinisi, who wanted to represent BMX riders in the New York/New Jersey area.

photos taken by Edwin De La Rosa x Animal
The Kenmare backpack made by De Martiniti x Animal
Wax cotton Branded Snap Back made by Quintin x Animal
Wax cotton Branded jacket
The Branded jacket, one of my favorite products, is one of the most durable jackets I've ever felt. This windproof and waterproof jacket wears like leather and is constructed to military-grade specifications.

Check out the rest of the products at Animal's webstore.