January 9, 2015

Road Tripping PA: Carbon County

There's something depressing about Carbon County, Pennsylvania.  Perhaps it's the abandoned coal breakers, or the shuttered storefronts, or the stagnant coal based economy which has left once vibrant communities in various states of deterioration?

Whatever the reason for the feeling of gloom surrounding Northeastern PA, it was a seriously interesting history lesson on the roots of our country. Once home to some of the richest merchants in the United States, Carbon County was the center of the coal boom- breathing life into our rapidly growing country.  Now, with natural gas, replacing coal, only a few towns have escaped the collapse of the local economy.

Check out our 7 picture tour below, featuring sites from Hellertown, Jim Thorpe, Lansford and some places in between.

January 7, 2015

Road Tripping PA: Centralia

During our trip, we also made it a point to checkout the place formerly known as Centralia, Pennsylvania.  After a mine fire broke out under the town a few decades ago, the town was largely abandoned by its residents and condemned by the government as unsafe.

We wish we had more photos to show you, but there really isn't much to see.  With the exception of a handful of people that still live there, all buildings have been demolished leaving eerily overgrown sidewalks and building foundations.  The most fun part of the town is an abandoned stretch of Route 61 which you can get to with a sturdy SUV or a short walk from where the center of town used to be. 

The highway, now fractured and buckled because of the fire burning beneath it, is covered in literal street art of questionable quality (think "Jen wuz here" tags and penis drawings).  PA-61 would be a real fun project if somebody with some legitimate talent showed up to paint on it.  It's fun to see regardless of the quality of the graffiti and it makes a cool story to tell your friends that you visited the town that the Silent Hill video games were based on.

Even though the town has been wiped from state maps, Google still has it listed, so just search for Centralia and find a car!

January 4, 2015

Road Tripping PA: Kinzua Bridge State Park

Having a bit of vacation is a good way to get the creative juices flowing.  A few days into an extended holiday vacation, we got inspired and headed out on a road trip through Pennsylvania to explore what our home State had to offer.

The Kinzua Viaduct was one of the coolest sites we saw on our trip.  Once the longest and tallest railroad bridge in the country, the Kinzua Bridge, outside of Mt. Jewett, PA, was destroyed by a tornado in 2003 while it was awaiting repairs.  Today, the destroyed bridge has been turned into a lookout point where you can see the ruins of the bridge hundreds of feet below.  The view is spectacular- you can see for miles in every direction.  I can only imagine how beautiful it would look during the fall.

Check out the pictures of the lookout and ruins below.  There's also a bonus picture of us as ninjas.

January 11, 2014

Secret street art show #surpluscandy, brought to you by hanksy

Secret street art house party? We're in.

When I saw a bunch of artists on Instagram posting pics with the hashtag #surpluscandy, I knew I had to figure out where all this crazy stuff was going down. Thanks to a few tips, we found it in alphabet city on Friday night, and I'm so glad we did.

A ton of street artists took over a 3-story brownstone that's slated for total gutting in the near future. Organized and curated by hanksy, the show featured an amazing assortment of artists, including Enzo & Nio, Obey, Mrs, Moustache Man, ASVP, FoxxFace, Elle, DeeDee, Choice Royce, Icy & Sot, ToneTank, Alice Mizrachi, Russell King, Bishop203, El Sol 25, Sonni Studios, Gilf, KC Burney and way more.

Everyone was told to come and go as fast as possible, so we hurried our way through, almost falling down questionable staircases and stepping over a healthy amount of broken glass. Every room was decked out - bathrooms, kitchens, and living spaces. The experience was like an art scavenger hunt, and everyone and their mom (and us) was instagramming. There was something to discover around every corner, and we felt like we were in a secret street art heaven. Check out some of our photos below, and search #surpluscandy on Instagram to check out other's photos from the one-night-only event.

December 10, 2013

KAWS 'Pass The Blame' at Galerie Perrotin

While downtown NYC gets treated to the 20 foot Companion statues, KAWS gives the Upper East Side neighborhood a more fine art approach.  The Pass The Blame show at Galerie Perrotin is all paintings done by KAWS on special canvases shaped like popular cartoon and comic book characters- if you look carefully you can spot Snoopy, Felix the Cat and Garfield amongst others.

The gallery building, which is really old world NYC, plays off of the brightly colored canvases to create a very cool juxtaposition of old and new, the same way that the canvases of classic cartoon and comic characters which are filled in with KAWS' contemporary patterns and imagery do.  Although we recommend the Mary Boone show for the shock and awe factor, Pass The Blame is also worth checking out if you're a fan of the artist.

KAWS - Pass The Blame
Galerie Perrotin - Until December 21, 2013
909 Madison Avenue
Upper East Side, NYC

December 9, 2013

Put on Your Riot Gear and Push Your Way to the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree

Christmas time again at Rockefeller Center in Midtown, Manhattan. Swam through the hoards of visitors and people hustling tours to get to the tree.  I managed to snap a couple pictures as I passed through- enjoy the intentional blur and the ultra wide angle.

December 8, 2013

KAWS Shows Massive Wooden Companions at Mary Boone Gallery

What are you looking at? Just 20 feet and 10 tons of pure Kaws action. We were totally breathless when we stepped into the huge space at Mary Boone Gallery in Chelsea and were faced with these larger than life wooden (Cameroonian wood, to be precise) Companion sculptures. They're pretty simple, but their sheer size in the empty space makes a huge statement - and great for taking epic Instagram photos.

The pair are titled "Along the Way", and can be yours for a cool $900,000. Sorry, the single guy, "At this Time" is already taken (bought for $500,000 - we're dying to know where that one will end up). The huge Companions are on display until December 21st.

December 7, 2013

Pop Up Flea NYC 2013 - Step Your Rugged Game Up

Pop Up Flea is happening this weekend and not only has it moved to a much bigger space since we last checked it out in 2011 but it's gone super rugged. Not to say that the 2011 edition didn't have nice shirting, raw denim, and all of that, but this year was at another level all together.

Freshly relocated to Soho, PUF had lots of space for its vendors to display their CPO jackets, vegetable-tanned leather goods and hand-crafted loafers.  Manliness was of course the theme, vendors displayed their burliest wares and were offering special markdowns and promotions during the event.

The Gitman Bros. booth was offering bespoke shirting in combination with The Hill-side fabrics.  One of the leather goods vendors had a dude custom hammering monograms.  Freemans Sporting Club was giving shaves.  Man of the World magazine had at least one vintage Mercedes Benz out front.  There was more buffalo check, camo, beards, and selvedge denim than you could find in a bar on a Wednesday night in Billyburg.  The best part is there's still another day to go! Pics below for those that can't make it in person.

Pop Up Flea NYC
December 6 - 8, 2013
82 Mercer Street (btw. Spring and Broome)
Soho, NYC

November 24, 2013

Sunday Funday with Olek

Today we did one of our favorite things - don crochet bodysuits and hang out with Olek and Olek enthusiasts (including the always fabulous Spiderman Rickshaw Guy) in NYC. The shoot was for Vibe magazine, either the December or January issue. Not bad for a Sunday.