Tiny Worlds by Patrick Jacobs

A big hit at VoltaNY last week were the tiny worlds created by artist Patrick Jacobs

While walking around Volta, I spotted these tiny holes with people peering into them, which naturally made me want to see what everyone was staring at. When looking into the small holes, it was like looking into a whole other world, a very tiny one. Each hole has a different scene, and I was totally confused as to how Jacobs created these extremely realistic spaces. Apparently each scene is made by hand from a mixture of materials, from wood and paper to ash and hair. These works are absolutely confounding, because they look so real and each scene seems to go on indefinitely, just like you were viewing a real scene in nature. For some reason I'm obsessed with anything mini, so Jacobs' work was right up my alley. Check out more of his work below.

Window with Fire Escape

The artist, Patrick Jacobs, at work constructing a tiny scene

The crowd at The Pool NYC, the group showing Jacobs' work at VoltaNY