Tokyo Shokudo - Bangkok, Thailand

No matter where I am in the world I can always be convinced to eat Japanese food.  A couple months ago when we were in Bangkok, we got to try Tokyo Shokudo in Bangkok's Silom neighborhood just after it opened.  When we got to sample the restaurant's food, parts of the menu were still under construction, but even without the full menu the food was amazing and the sleek, modern decor was right up our alley.

The food on the beautifully printed menu comes served in sets- perfect for indecisive people like me.  Main plates come with two to three small sides depending on the dish.  Some of our favorites were the kimchi pork and the agedashi tofu.   There was even a Thai twist on the desert menu in the form of Thai tea creme brûlée- a delicious play on a classic sweet.  By now, Tokyo Shokudo's menu has no doubt been finished and is a must visit if you find yourself in that area of Bangkok.  Stop by their Facebook page here if you happen to be well versed in Thai.  For those who aren't, check out pictures from our visit below.

Tokyo Shokudo
United Center Building B1 Floor
Silom Neighborhood, Bangkok