Solifestyle Visits Capsule NYC

If you want to know what's going to be coming to your favorite trendy boutique next season, or what brand is about to blow up, you should really be stopping by Capsule Trade Show.

Capsule takes place in various cities around the world, and showcases apparel, footwear and accessories from a highly-edited, hand-picked group of designers that reflect the look of the new, modern consumer. Read: everything there is cool. We basically got whiplash at the event, as there was something amazing to look at around every corner. We had a great time learning about new designers, and daydreaming about opening our own awesome boutique someday. Be on the lookout for posts on the coolest fashion and accessory designers we found at the show. Capsule New York Women's (though we were pleasantly surprised to see some men's clothing there as well) started yesterday, Feburary 20th, and runs through Wednesday. More info here.