Naked & Famous Denim F/W 2012 Collection @ Capsule NY

Since we're huge fans of anything related to jeans, we were very excited to take some time out of our first day at Capsule NY to chat with high end Montreal-based denim designer Naked and Famous.  Even more exciting than chatting with the Naked & Famous brand reps (who were absolutely awesome) was getting to see all the unique denim styles that they will be releasing for Fall 2012.

N&F had both their men's and women's lines at the show and we had a blast getting hands on with the collection.  Of course the usual Naked & Famous high quality Japanese raw selvedge was available, but we loved the experimental part of the line (...what I can only describe as the Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory of denim) which included a pair of scratch and sniff jeans, denim that glows in the dark, and 32 ounce jeans that could easily function as a suit of armor and require a bit of strength training to wear.

Above: The scratch and sniff raw denim smells like raspberries when you scratch it.  It's the prefect answer to your smelly unwashed denim, and apparently the effect lasts for 5+ washes, which, if you're doing your raw denim justice, is more than enough washes for the life of the pair.

Above: Previously seen at Barneys for the F/W 2011 season, the glow in the dark SkinnyGuy denim makes a return.

Above: The 32oz denim jeans are apparently the heaviest denim EVER.  If you thought other brand's 22 or 24oz was heavy, you haven't seen anything yet.  These jeans, which stand up on their own, could protect you from arrows in the middle ages and they're the perfect alternative to the leg press at your gym.

Above: Interesting prints and materials were cleverly used alongside the regular denim.  The camo jeans are lined with a darker camo for a cool effect when cuffed, and what at first appear to be a checked pair are actually crafted using the material used to make Judo uniforms. Awesome.

Above: I personally loved the pair of Naked and Famous denim above, which in its raw form looks almost like a leopard print, but with wear becomes incredibly contrasty with hues of bright indigo.  Photos don't do them justice.