Gilding Primal Instinct F/W 2012 Presentation: Executioner

After writing about Gilding Primal Instinct's hardcore arm piece for the Grammys, we were so excited to find an invitation to their F/W 2012 presentation in our inbox. 

Gilding Primal Instinct's 'Executioner' seems to veer away from the natural, organic inspiration of previous collections, but still retains an eerie, dark vibe. Our favorite piece from Executioner was the 'See No' face mask pictured below, which reminded us of something an evil villain in a sic-fi movie would wear. After the event, which included a live, choreographed living art performance, it's safe to say we're now huge fans of the brand and it's designer, metalsmith Danielle Nicole Hills (pictured below). Check out our photos of the jewelry and the performance, and be sure to follow @GildingPrimal if you like what you see. Or better yet, pick up a piece of your very own at their Etsy store.

Pieces from the previous collection, Hunter/Surgeon

Danielle Nicole Hills

See No Face Mask
materials: oxidized copper and bronze, enamel paint, cotton

Bladed Comb
materials: oxidized copper, enamel paint, palladium leaf