Photographer Focus: Takeshi Suga

Takeshi has a very specific, and beautiful point of view as a photographer. He presents surreal images, and uses reflection and different kinds of light to his advantage. Living in Glasgow, he has no shortage of inspiration from the amazing landscape, which is the main character of his work. Check out a few of his images here, as well as on his website and read a little more about the artist below.

location Glasgow, UK. favorite camera Contax Aria, Contax T3 and Diana Mini. random fact about yourself I was in a couple of Japanese period films as an extra. My roles ranged from a samurai to a peasant. favorite subject matter to shoot Light and atmosphere. photographers you admire Ihei Kimura, Uta Barth and Ernst Haas. what makes a great photo When you can synchronize your emotions with your subjects. what makes a terrible photo The opposite of the above. why do you love photography I can render my aesthetic and philosophical vision through it. do you do any other art? Not that I’m aware of. But I’d love to make a film in the near future.