Photographer Focus: Rakkauttaskatu

Desirée makes you pay attention to simple, quiet moments. Living in Barcelona, she has inspiration around every corner. Her photography style is all about serenity, and beautiful tones and colors. She loves the unexpected, and finding that one perfect shot that just comes out of nowhere. Read a short Q&A with the artist below, where she talks about her love of shooting people from behind (stop) and her love of grandmas in Michael Jackson-themed coats. Check out some of her work here, as well as on her tumblr and flickr.

name Desirée a.k.a. rakkauttaskatu (on flickr) location Barcelona (Spain) favorite camera I always have my Olympus mju-II with me. random fact about yourself I want a cat. favorite subject matter to shoot People from behind looking at art, people from behind looking at landscapes, people from behind looking through a window… you know, people from behind looking at whatever always look good (I’m just kidding). photographers you admire I really like Iván Montero’s photostream (a.k.a. tempestonateacup)
His work is making me think about starting shooting in black and white. what makes a great photo To be in the right place at the right moment. Unexpected shoots are the best ones. Like this time when I was walking in the street and I saw a grandma in front of me wearing a coat made of pictures of MICHAEL JACKSON. Brutal! ( what makes a terrible photo When I use the flash my pictures aren’t the best (really crappy pictures). why do you love photography I like the idea of keeping my memories in pictures so that in the future I can just look back at them. do you do any other art? Usually I paint mugs (