Asia Dog, NYC: A New York Staple with a Twist

New York City has a hellofa lot of hot dogs.  You can get them from food carts in the dirty water variety; from food trucks off of a grill; or from hot dog dedicated restaurants like Gray's Papaya or Papaya King.  Needless to say, it's a dog eat dog world, so to succeed you really need to differentiate yourself.  We first tried Asia Dog at the Brooklyn Night Bazaar a few months back and they most definitely have what it takes to conquer the hot dog scene.

Asia Dog's brick and mortar location on Kenmare Street in Nolita is small but well styled and friendly.  Their menu is as you might expect, a fusion of an American staple grill food, and Asian flavorings from everywhere from Korea to Vietnam.  A plus for vegetarians or health conscious consumers is that Asia Dog offers a choice between beef, chicken or vegetarian hot dogs as well as a choice between a white or whole wheat bun.

We ordered up the most American dog on the menu which featured specialty ketchup and mustard topped with crushed potato chips but also grabbed two, more Eastern inspired, dogs featuring kimchi and pork belly.  Everything was great- Asia Dog is definitely a go-to spot for hungry people walking around Soho, which is a neighborhood with not much to offer in terms of quick, tasty, eats..UNTIL NOW.

Asia Dog
66 Kenmare Street (btw Mulberry and Mott Streets)
Nolita, NYC

Pop-up locations vary throughout the year, check their website for details.