Beauty DIY: Make Your Own Customizable Makeup Palette

As I've gotten more and more into makeup, I find myself with a lot of free-floating single eyeshadows that I rarely use. In order to get more use out of them, I was thinking about buying a Z-palette, which is a magnetized customizable container to store your makeup odds and ends. Then I realized why spend 20+ dollars when it's a pretty easy DIY. I spent just under $10, and I have enough supplies to make 3 palettes. 

Here's how I made my own customizable eyeshadow palette! Step by step guide below.

what you need: Eyeshadows, Pointy knife, Scissors, Lighter, Magnetic strips with adhesive that you can cut with scissors (purchased from Etsy), Any magnetic tin (purchased from Etsy, or you can find cool vintage ones on Ebay)

step 1: depot eyeshadows

This can be a little tricky and time intensive, but there are a bunch of tutorials on YouTube that teach you how to depot various brands of eyeshadow. 

Some you can just ease out of their container carefully with the point of the knife. For others (MAC, Urban Decay, Wet N' Wild), it involves removing the insert that the eyeshadow sits in and heating the back of it until the plastic and glue melt. Then you flip it upside down and poke a pen into the back, which should ease the eyeshadow out. Definitely practice on your least precious eyeshadow first to get the hang of it. 


step 2: Magnetize the eyeshadows

I cut circles from my magnetic strips, and adhered them onto the back of the eyeshadow pot. I also added the original sticker from the packaging so I know what the color and brand are once I run out.

step 3: recycle the eyeshadow containers (optional)

I found that the nicer Urban Decay containers can hold a bunch of stud earrings perfectly! Some of these empty pots are great for traveling, and general storage. If you have any MAC pots, save them for the Back to MAC program (turn in 5 empty pots for a free lipstick or eyeshadow at any MAC store).

step 4: build your palette!

You can now arrange your eyeshadows by brand, color, mood, whatever you want! That's the beauty of your new customizable palette. 

Good luck! And if you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments below.