Photographer Focus: Emily-Jane Robinson


This post took a while to make, mainly because Paul and I were fighting over which of Emily-Jane's photos to use in the feature. There were way too many interesting and unique photos to choose from, but we finally (kind of) came to this conclusion. Her photos are ultra-realistic in every way - life unaltered and in your face. Whether shocking, funny, or a mixture of both, her photos are definitely a trip. If you want to see more of her work, and believe us - you do, check out the links at the end of the post. 

location London, UK
favorite camera Contax T2 or G2
random fact about yourself I was MVP of the State of California in Girls Volleyball for Division 5 schools my senior year of high school in 2004 and my club team was ranked 3rd in the USA that same year. Then I dropped it all to study art at UCLA.
favorite subject matter to shoot People- most specifically my friends and boyfriend.
photographers you admire The greats: Eggleston, Frank, Goldin, Billingham, Tillmans, Shore, Clark, Teller, McGinley, Hiromix and also all of my young contemporaries-  Nina Hartmann, Alba Yruela, Matt Martin, Luke Gilford, Sandy Kim, Jess Gough, Lily Atherton, Rafa Castells, Johnny De Guzman, Joe Skilton, Eric Chakeen and absolutely all of my other flickr contacts. There are so many more.
what makes a great photo When a photographer knows how to use and capture natural light, feeling and emotion without anything being set up, coerced or forced.
what makes a terrible photo The opposite, I guess. I'm not totally sure how to answer that. I hate tasteless cropping of images. 
why do you love photography I can remember everything now.
do you do any other art? I make films, videos and installations involving a lot of different forms of media including sound. At certain times, I write.

See more of Emily-Jane's photos: EMMYLANDFlickr