Participate in 'Inside Out: A Global Art Project' Street Art by JR

If you've always wanted to bring out the street artist in yourself, here's your chance. Take part in a worldwide street art project by elusive yet famed artist JR. Send in a portrait of yourself, your mom, your ex-boss, or whoever, and they'll print it out poster size, and ship it to your door. That's when the magic happens - go post your image anywhere you want, and voila! You can call yourself a street artist who has just collaborated with one of the most creative artists out there today. The project, called "Inside Out" means to transform pieces of individual identity into pieces of artistic work. And the reach is truly global - portraits have been posted in countries all over the world, from Brazil to Bulgaria (see the participation map below). So what are you waiting for? Go for it!

To upload your image and get started, visit the Inside Out website.

Also, check out JR's own artwork for Inside Out here.