Kidult Vandalized Supreme T-Shirt and Graffiti Videos

The graffiti artist Kidult has a thing for vandalizing stores that profit from commercializing graffiti without really participating in the culture.  When he strikes there are no beautiful colored tags, just a massive word or two written by the fire extinguisher he fills with paint.  His most recent target was the Kenzo store and just before that was the Supreme shop in SoHo, NYC.  As part of his Supreme hit, the artist released a t-shirt and I had to get my hands on one.  Check out the pics of the t-shirt and the videos of Kidult tagging up Supreme and Kenzo below.
“All these retail outlets have once used graffiti as a commercial tool to get more money and be “cool” without knowing anything about the culture. I didn’t simply say “hello” to them. If they really like graffiti, I just gave them what they love.” -Kidult