Bond Street, NYC - An Outpost of Cool

In a relatively boring area of NoHo, NYC, Bond Street sets itself apart with galleries, exclusive boutiques and a stark contrast between old world and modern city architecture.  

Sitting just south of an area full of NYU students and just north of the trends of SoHo, Bond holds it down.  Filling the void of cool in the area are boutiques like Oak and United Nude which provide a shopping experience that could easily be situated in the West Village or the Flat Iron district.  Between the stores, small galleries and restaurants find their home amongst the traditional NYC architecture.  Then there's the apartment building pictured above that changes the whole aesthetic of the street with its ultra modern and stainless steel architecture- it's almost as if Bond Street has carved a whole neighborhood out of one street.  If you find yourself lost in the NoHo wasteland- stop by Bond Street, it's a distinctly New York experience.

Bond St., NYC