Photographer Focus: Sarah Louise Johnson

I can describe Sarah's work in one word: Glam. In fact, it's glam to the max. The girls she catches in front of the lens are the ultimate in high fashion and beauty - girls want to be them and guys just want them. See more of her work here, and check out a brief Q&A with the artist below.

location london
favorite camera well, i use a 5d mark 2
random fact about yourself i believe in angels
favorite subject matter to shoot models, maybe flowers
photographer you admire Kamila Akrans
what makes a great photo something beautiful that makes you want to keep going back to look at it.
what makes a terrible photo something you look at once and forget. thats not terrible, but it's not inspiring, but then it's all relevant to the viewer anyway.
why do you love photography? i don't know i feel like it's my souls purpose i couldn't stop if i wanted to!
do you do any other art? i used to love to paint i haven't for a long time, though i also used to love writing stories

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