Photographer Focus: Dennis Gerbeckx

Dennis' photos are unlike anything we've ever featured in our Photographer Focus posts before. As an editing master, his work is graphically striking, and focuses on pattern in architecture and design. Harsh lines and symmetry are this artist from Berlin's best friends. These super modern images are sure to wow you. Check out a brief Q&A with the artist and more of his work after the jump.

location Berlin, Germany
random fact about yourself I'm a freelancing graphic-designer working for different clients and 
self-taught photographer, I like taking photos in my free time - it's just fun for me
favorite camera i like my Nikon D300s, my Holga and i even like iphone-photo-apps
favorite subject matter to shoot architecture (focus on futuristic looks), abandoned locations and decay, classic cool cars, land- and cityscapes, urban things, ... all other things that might be worth shooting
photographers you admire
- there are too many photographers who do amazing inspiring stuff to count them here
- "old-school" photographers from the past
- "new-school" advertising photographers
what makes a great photo
- a cool original idea in composition, colors, angle
- post-processed images with passion and know-how
- Lomo-Style
what makes a terrible photo 
- a photo without any (own) idea
- no passion in processing 
- a bad copy of an existing "popular" photo
why do you love photography because the weather is fine when i go outside and shoot! :-b
do you do any other art? graphic design - some call it art, i call it work!

To see more photos by Dennis, click here.