Friends With You - Rainbow City at The High Line Park, NYC

Friends With You is a Miami based artist duo who are known for their awesomely cute and colorful pop art.  Constantly developing innovative ideas, Samuel Borkson and Arturo Sandoval's latest creation is not a piece of art on a wall but an interactive park to celebrate the opening of The High Line Park's extension to 30th street Manhattan.  The park, called Rainbow City, at the 30th street entrance to The High Line is filled with massive inflatable balloons, all of which can be played with and in some cases played inside.  Unfortunately as we arrived, the rain started coming down, but that didn't stop the crowd at the park from playing and having a great time.  The park will be open until mid July and is conveniently located right next to The High Line's newest beer garden- sounds like it will be a blast on the nice days of summer.  There is a also a small pop up shop (that closes into a cube during bad weather) which sells limited edition t-shirts, tote bags and other small goods.  More photos after the jump.