Brand Watch: Shwood Sunglasses

Judging by the weather it's definitely beach time so you're probably thinking about what sunglasses you might pull out this year when you're sitting on the sand by the ocean. I'd suggest something a bit different than your standard metal or plastic frames, like a sweet pair of wooden frames from Shwood.  These completely hand crafted frames are constructed in Portland, Oregon using sustainable woods from around the world.  The result is a distinctively hip look with a touch of outdoorsy.  The price is reasonable and hovers around $100 a pair unless you want polarized lenses in which case you can tack on another $40.  The lenses are great quality and produced by Carl Zeiss, our one problem is that you can't switch them our for prescription lenses. Shop all that Shwood has to offer here.  Check some more models after the jump.

All photos from Shwood.