Photographer Focus: Randy Martin

After looking at Randy's photos, I want to just jump right inside of them. His work illustrates a simple world all about the landscape around you, how people are just insignificant specks surrounded by beautiful, astounding nature. It's all about being dazed, confused, and in awe of the natural world. At least that's what I get from it - tell us what you think in the comments below. Check out more of his work, and a brief Q&A with the artist, after the jump.

location Chicago, Illinois USA
favorite camera Canon Aqua Snappy
random fact about yourself I spend more time playing pool and drinking pitchers of cheap beer in a shabby little bar than I probably ought to.
favorite subject matter to shoot Big landscapes, pretty ladies. Big landscapes with pretty ladies in them.
photographers you admire Luke Byrne Davis Young -
what makes a great photo Light. It's all about light, and understanding how your equipment reacts to it.
what makes a terrible photo Terrible photo shmerrible photo. I've shot terrible photos before, and I'll continue to shoot terrible photos in the future. They're just the ones that happen in between the great ones. 
why do you love photography There are so many moments and faces that would get lost along the way without it. One of my favorite things to do is pull up images from years back and think to myself "Oh shit, I completely forgot about this, what a great time". 
do you do any other art? Only on top of the lattes I pour at my coffee shop!

View more of Randy Martin's work on Flickr