Brand Profile: Swagger

The word swag has become common slang in the past couple months, so appropriately we present a brand profile on another great Japanese brand: Swagger.  Started in 1999 by Big-O and Iggy (both members of a Japanese rap group called Shakkazombie), Swagger or SWG started out by making clothing in the classic American rap tradition- think Rocawear.  As the brand evolved, the hip-hop influence remained and was joined by other American influences like punk and skate.  Now the line has a wide ranging appeal for all sorts of fashion styles. In the mid 2000's, SWG hit a peak in international popularity and several stores around NYC stocked Swagger and even led the brand to open up a showroom on Broadway in NoHo.

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Since their international expansion about 6 years ago, Swagger has reconsolidated to Japan.  Around the same time, Big-O perfected Swagger's second line called Phenomenon which is much more experimental in nature.  Though I find Phenomenon nearly unwearable and bizarre it's been adopted and made popular by celebrities like Kanye West and has achieved great success.

In Japan both lines are going strong.  Collaborations with Levi's and Porter are almost seasonal and they continue to work with all-star talent like Lupe Fiasco.  You can visit one of 9 Swagger Flagship Stores or 28 authorized stockists as well as shopping on  If you're outside Japan you're out of luck but if you make a trip to The Land of the Rising Sun, get your swag on.