Amazing: Nike Free Run+ 2

Like our resident sneakerhead Speedy, I've also acquired my fair share of footwear throughout the years.  The problem is that most of the footwear isn't functional.  Sure my Converses look great and my Nike Dunks break necks as I stroll down the street but I would never run in them or wear them to the gym.  My new Nike Free Run+ 2s serve that purpose.  They're extremely comfortable and extremely light weight, made as a minimal shoe meant to simulate running barefoot and I can see why so many people love them.  Not only are they functionally awesome, but they look good enough for a sneaker enthusiast like myself to consider wearing them to go shopping in SoHo and not just for a jog.  There are 7 standard colorways available for purchase but you can also NikeID a pair for $25 more.  If you're going to buy a new running shoe soon, give this one a shot, you won't be disappointed.A

Check out some detailed photos by clicking on the link below.

These shoes are so amazing they make me want to try some of the other sneaks I've been blowing off like the Nike Footscape or Lunar Chukka Woven. I bet they're insanely comfortable as well.