Remains of the Day: Life After a Royal Wedding

Without a doubt the most lifestyle event to occur in 2011 was the Royal Wedding.  Did you wake up early to watch? Did you stay up all night?  I must confess I did neither, I was satiated by all of the mindless news surrounding the event.  And not just that, solifestyle has Wayne in London so we can sleep soundly knowing we lived the event through his participation (or lack thereof?).  So where are the great photos? The coverage? The stack of royal souvenirs?  Sorry about that. Tomorrow there will be new tabloid headlines and gossip for people all over the world to think about and Prince William and Kate Middleton will ride off into the sunset and grow up to be King and Queen.

Having said that, we bring you a single photo from London, a reminder of the celebration and a nod that we think Kate is pretty good looking, and so, she should be spared from being eaten. William on the other hand? Dessert.