Unique New York: Inflatable Sculpture Show @ 3rd Ward

One of the most exciting parts of writing for solifestyle is finding all of the funky things happening in NYC for our Unique New York posts.  This week we're really exciting to tell you about the Inflatable Sculpture Show this Saturday in Brooklyn.  The exhibition is the finale of art collective 3rd Ward's Inflatable Sculpture class which took place over the past few months.  Statues will range from 5 to 25 feet in height and are sure to please the crowd.  You'll need to RSVP if you want in to the party but it looks like it's going to be a great party with at least 10 massive sculptures, free drinks and live music.  If only I could fit one in my apartment...

Check out some more photos by clicking on the link below.

When: Saturday March, 26th 7-10pm
Where: 3rd Ward 195 Morgan Ave. Brooklyn, NYC
How Much: FREE!

Photos via We Are Space Kittys and Patrick Flibotte