Why Would You Buy That?: Givenchy Fur Glasses

My god man. As if your unibrow wasn't making you look funny enough already you can add some five o'clock shadow to the top half of your face by putting on this hairy eyewear from Givenchy.

To me, this looks like you wrapped a good looking pair of frames in some ugly brown felt and hoped for the best - an obvious fail.  Another thing to think about is whether or not these specs would hold up to the normal wear and tear of normal glasses.  How does expensive fur handle water, dirt, grease and food splatter?  My guess is not well.  I'm going to estimate that these are out of all of our price range to start with and even if you broke open your piggy bank to buy a pair they'd lose their beautifully fuzzy finish within 2 weeks. Save your money, or make yourself a DIY version with some reading glasses from your local pharmacy and $0.50/yard sale fabric from Jo-Ann's.

Photo via Hype-Kills