Free People Finds

Free People is one of my favorite stores - they sell really unique clothing with a handmade feel. The brand recognizes trends, but then puts their own twist on them, which is a big reason why I like Free People so much. This past weekend I visited their SoHo store and picked up a few things (sadly, only two things) that I absolutely love. Click read more to see what I bought!

I love FP sunglasses - they're so cute and totally affordable (so I don't feel as bad when they're inevitably crushed at the bottom of my purse). These glasses were only $28! I love the updated retro feel. They also come in solid white and black. (They're not available online yet)

I have been wanting this shirt for a while, which is from the FP Beach collection, but wasn't sure how it would fit. Once I tried it on in the store I  instantly fell in love - it's really oversize, but not in a potato-sack way. There are slits up the sides which give it a sexier feel and the fabric is super soft. Can't wait to wear this once the weather warms up a little! $68

Check out Free People's website here.