Solifestyle Makes a Pilgrimage to 1948 London

1948 is London's 21 Mercer.  Another cryptic number with no mention of Nike, 1948 can fit about four New York City NSW flagship stores inside of it.  The cavernous former warehouse space has been updated for the trendy Shoreditch clientele- exposed brick is painted black, wooden accents are highlighted with neon, and grid-like design elements add some Eastern influence.

As one would expect from a Nike Sportswear flagship store, 1948 has an ever changing exhibit of Nike's newest technology which just happened to be the Free Flyknit City Pack when we visited. There is also a carefully curated display of running tech like the Gyakusou  collection as well as the super high-end NSW Made In Italy collection.  Oh, and of course, the store wouldn't have been complete without a few walls of shoes.  1948 is worth visiting if not for the kicks, then for the look and feel of the space.  For me it was a pilgrimage to a temple of Nike on another continent- check it off the list.