Nike Free Flyknit 5.0 HTM SP - A Detailed Look

More Flyknits (they're pretty much our thang).  This time we can give you a look at the Free Flyknit HTM SP. The HTM designation stands for the Nike all-star design team of


iroshi Fujiwara,


inker Hatfield and


ark Parker.  It also means an extremely limited run of shoes, with some special technology or a blend of two or more distinct pieces of tech.  This particular shoe takes the Flyknit Trainer upper and slaps it on the Free 5.0 sole, the hybrid result is a great looking, very light and flexible shoe in three exclusively HTM colorways.

For the purposes of this post, we've got the white and tour yellow variations to show you.  Yellow is of particular note, because, of the various iterations of Flyknits to date, there hasn't yet been a bold yellow colorway.  There have been plenty of blues, neon greens and grayscale colors but yellow has been a bit scarce.  The Free Flyknit HTM features a multi knit on the tongue and a blend of gray as well as the main upper color throughout the shoe.  The laces are are ribbon which is a nice touch and adds another contrasting texture to the already texture rich kicks.  Check out some detailed pictures below.