Uniqlo Flannel Camouflage Button Up Shirts

Ah, flannel weather! The leaves are changing, it's getting a bit cooler outside and it's time to pretend to be rugged even though you live in the concrete jungle.  Pull out the hiking boots, grow out the beard and grab your flannel shirt collection because it's about to get chilly. Well... it's kind of already chilly.

Just in time for the blustery weather Uniqlo has released some new flannel shirts.  I've always been a fan of Uniqlo button ups which are cut just a bit narrower than J.Crew or Gap but it's been hard for me to find check patterns or designs that I like.  The Japanese retail giant made it easy for me this season though.  They released both a green and black camouflage print.  They were so popular (and so cheap) that they sold out of the NYC stores in just a few days.  But they're still available online (maybe) and are (or were?) on promotion for just under $20.  Take a look below.