Sprayground Backpacks Will Make You Cool.

Seeing these backpacks made me wish I was going back to school. I would have the coolest backpack ever, hands down. But backpacks aren't just for carrying your books, since the Olsen twins revamped the carryall a few years ago backpacks have been in the forefront of fashion.

I stopped in my tracks at the Sprayground booth at Agenda Show, totally in awe of these awesome designs. From galaxy, to camo, to florescent, they've got a backpack for just about everybody. Sprayground also makes a pack just for street artists (see below) in tiger camo, so when you find the perfect taggable wall all of your goods are in order and ready to go. What's more is that these bags are pretty affordable, running from $60 to about $80. We're new found fans of this brand, and can't wait to see what they come up with next!