Sofia Maldonado Captures Street Culture in Mural Form @ Agenda NYC

Agenda is one of the biggest streetwear trade shows on the planet.  That means it gets the attention of plenty of labels and buyers, but also it plays a key role in street culture.  At Agenda one can see new fashion trends take shape, but also learn about amazing artists collaborating with the brands on display and in Sofia Maldonado's case- create a live mural right in the midst of the event.

Sofia is a 20-something Puerto Rican artist who has honed her skills in the street art and skate scene for years.  Her style blends fine art brush strokes, graphic design elements and paint drips mimicking a freshly tagged urban facade.  This unique combination of styles paired with her use of bright colors and heavy black outlines has not gone unnoticed.  Her awesome work has been literally all over skateparks, decks, and galleries- most recently at MagnanMetz Gallery in NYC.

At Agenda, Sofia Maldonado (and her assistants) worked with mixed media to create a colorful, textured wall of clouds and abstract designs which was perfectly suited to the street smart attendees.  What better way to take a breather from the hectic buying and selling of a trade show to hangout and chat with an artist?  Check out some pictures of the mural in progress below and keep your eyes out for Sofia's murals in New York City.  They pop up every once in a while!