PacSun NYC Pop-Up Shop Has Your Skullphone and Been Trill Fix

Prolific street artist Skullphone gets his chance to shine at the

PacSun NYC Pop-Up Shop

, which is open now in a prominent position on Broadway in Soho.  The neon glow of the the large skull in the window sets the stage for what is much more than your average mall PacSun store.  The pop-up shop, which will be open for the next month, is laced with a curated selection of skate and surf inspired apparel like the Volcom x Skullphone collection and the Been Trill x Diamond capsule.

It seems like PacSun has gone to great lengths to make sure they're not ignored in Soho where people have a constant desire for the latest trend and would be quick to ignore something perceived as "uncool."  Everything from the PacSun branding to the layout of the store has been updated with a minimal and modern look to fit the Soho aesthetic.

The PacSun NYC pop-up has something to please just about all visitors- whether it's looking at the Diamond display built from old televisions or browsing the skate memorabilia on the wall.  You can check out the special PacSun location until September, located just below Houston Street at 583 Broadway.