A.P.C. Kanye Collection Launch at A.P.C. West Village, NYC

It's rare to see a gathering of young people in the heart of NYC's West Village early on a Sunday morning. Unless, of course, there's something related to Kanye West going on sale.  This morning, July 14th, was the launch of the A.P.C. Kanye capsule collection around the world including both New York City A.P.C. stores.  People in #Been #Trill t-shirts were everywhere to be found, and the collection sold out instantly with only a vague promise of a restock.

We swung by the West Village A.P.C. location around 9am to check the line out.  With about 30 people total by the time the store opened, it seemed like an easy chance to grab what you wanted.  Unfortunately, the Kanye West x A.P.C. collaboration inventory was smaller than suggested by the staff days earlier, and the Been Trill t-shirt that many of the campers were hoping for had not yet even arrived in store yet.  A list was passed around for a shot to buy it once it shows up.  At the same time as the list was going around, people in front of the store were scrambling to get online to purchase the items from the A.P.C. web shop.  The website crashed.

The most popular item appeared to be the short sleeve gray hoodie which Kanye was seen wearing earlier this week.  At $250 retail price, the piece flew off the shelves and was the first item listed as SOLD OUT.  

The fit of almost all of the Kanye A.P.C. items were oversized.  Since "oversized" seems to be the "it" word of the last few fashion seasons it doesn't come as a shock that Mr. West opted for the trendy fit of wide hoodies with side slits and oversized long t-shirts.  The jeans were a bizarre cut, wide in the hips and thighs and super skinny in the calfs.  People were sizing down even more than they already did for A.P.C. denim. Regardless, they sold.  

This collection was a real departure from the norm for A.P.C. and they seemed to denote that on they webstore by referring to "hip hop t-shirts" and "Kanye jeans."  A.P.C. has been a favorite brand of mine for years, and though it is interesting to see them collaborate with a major pop culture icon, I personally prefer that they remain true to their classic fits and clean aesthetic.

Did you get a chance to buy what you wanted from the A.P.C. Kanye collection? Let us know below.