Pleats Please Meets Sneaker Culture - Nike Roshe Run Metric

Fans of Issey Miyake will instantly recognize the style of these new Nike sneakers.  They look just like the tiled patterns of the contemporary designer's Pleats Please diffusion line.  More specifically, these kicks would be the perfect companion to your Bao Bao bag.  My guess is they feel similar to the bags as well.  So what are these funky yet slightly chunky runners?  They're the new Nike Roshe Run Metric women's sneakers.

The Roshe Run, in all of their blobby goodness, have become extremely popular as an affordable and functional running shoe.  The Roshe Run Metric is a fashion forward next step in their evolution, using an all black geometric pattern and a tonal swoosh.  Though these black on black kicks probably aren't the best for brightening up your summer wardrobe, we can't help but imagine all of the awesome color combinations and patterns that could be done to these shoes in the future.  Rumor has it these will release on May 3rd on and retail price overseas is around $105.  We noted that these were listed as a women's shoe, but I view these more as unisex and can't wait to see what they look like in person. What do you think?