Time Out New York Talks Street Art and Features Some of SOLIFESTYLE'S Photos!

As you all probably know we're big fans of graffiti and street art.  We've interviewed some artists, covered some gallery shows and now we've had the honor of having some of our photos included in Time Out New York.

A few months back, we worked with Lia, the mastermind behind

Saddleshoe Tours

, to write about her New York City street art exploration adventures.  Her tours take participants through various NYC neighborhoods giving them new perspective on urban art and are tons of photo-op filled fun.  This past week, Saddleshoe Tours and Lia were included as part of Time Out New York's

Street Art Tours

write up and we're super thankful to her for asking to use some of our photos! If you're a street art fan yourself, make sure to read through the whole

Graffiti and Street Art feature on Time Out

 and head over to the Saddleshoe Tours


to book a tour for you and some friends!