Streetwear Review: Pyrex Vision Basic T-Shirt

Are you qualified to own this Pyrex Vision Basic T-Shirt?  Here's a quick quiz to help you along:

1. How much do you like to pay for your t-shirts? a. $10-25 b. $50-85 c. $100+

2. You been trill? a. What? b. I guess so. c. Hell yes.

3. Do you love Kanye West and Kanye West's entourage ? a. No. b. I don't care. c. Hell yes.

4. How do you choose what clothing to buy? a. You like the way it looks b. My mom chooses my clothing. c. I only buy things that are so hype it's crazy.

If you answered c. to two of the above questions, you can go out and buy a Pyrex Vision shirt and feel ok about yourself.  For normal people, you'll never feel good about a Pyrex Vision purchase.  Though it's only a season and a half in, Pyrex Vision, founded by Virgil Abloh, has gone to hype level 9000.  So what makes this brand so popular?  I'm not sure.

The clothing looks fine.  Really, it's just t-shirts with photos and a big number 23 on the back with the word PYREX written in athletic jersey style lettering.  I'm guessing a celebrity or two wore it and then tumblr took over which tends to happen these days.  The t-shirts are made with Champion blanks (think $5 at Walmart) and they're pretty blegh quality.  The screen printing and fit are both average.  The retail price is $100 for the Pyrex Basic T-shirt.  Do you think it's worth it?  Hint- IT ISN'T.  I'd give this shirt a


.  Looks cool, high hype factor, garbage quality and will be forgotten in a season or two.