SoNerdstyle: The iPad Mini

I own an iPad mini and I love it.  As a Mac enthusiast (phone, laptop, desktop) that already had an iPad, I wasn't sure whether or not the iPad Mini would be worth it, but having used it for some time now, there is no question in my mind that the Mini will probably replace the regular iPad as Mac's go to tablet device.

Take a look at the picture below- you can see that next to our iPad 1, the Mini is much smaller.  Though some would argue that it takes away from the screen potential, in a hectic urban environment like New York where you want everything to be as portable as possible, the Mini is much more convenient (and lighter, and thinner).  Even though the screen is not a Retina Display, the screen makes everything look plenty clear and bright.  Because the Mini is also a few years newer than our iPad 1 the performance is significantly better with everything loading great and no freezing issues to speak of so far.  With the iPad Mini 2 rumored to be right around the corner, if you're on the fence between the regular iPad and the Mini, SOLIFESTYLE would urge you to go small.