Sarah Wang - The Animal in Man Closing Party @ Con Artist, NYC

Sarah Wang's bizarrely awesome show,

The Animal in Man,

is closing this week, but there's still time to check out the exhibit at the closing party this Wednesday.  The artwork on display is fun and sometimes silly (the fox wearing the human skin scarf above) but the themes of the show are dead serious.

Separated into three broad themes: the animal in women, animals in human skin and human portraits as animals; the show touches on the insults which women are subjected to, the injustices done to animals for their skins and the animalistic nature of certain aspects of society.  The contrast between the look of the paintings and the themes behind them make us a bit uneasy, and my guess is that is exactly what Sarah intended.  Take a look at a couple more images below, and drop by the party on Wednesday to see the art in person.

Sarah Wang - The Animal in Man Closing Party

Wednesday, April 24th at 8pm

119 Ludlow St. Lower Level

Lower East Side, NYC