Solifestyle Fits: Almost Warm

I've got a lot of clothing that is made for a perfect Spring day.  Any other time, it's too cold or too hot.  Luckily, we got one of those perfect days recently, so I pulled out a bunch of items from the closet for a day wandering around Manhattan.

On top I'm wear a Bape t-shirt layered with an APC checked button up shirt and a Supreme x Neighborhood baseball jacket.  My pants are All Saints and the shoes are Nike HTM Flyknits.  The hat, one of my newest acquisitions is by The Moving Development.  I usually only wear black and white, so it was fun to add a bit of color to my usual monochrome outfits with the gold on the t-shirt and the red Flyknits.  Do you guys have any clothing that you're excited to pull out for spring?  Let me know in the comments!