Shopping Heaven Or Overcrowded Hell - Brandy Melville Soho

Let me preface this writeup up front because I am a man who wears mostly black clothing and therefore my opinions probably don't count for anything on this subject.  And now, on to the post.

Brandy Melville

is a store in Soho with various other locations throughout the USA and EU.  When I first went there, I was so sure the brand was American that I laughed at the fact that all the price tags were in Euro.  Shows what I know- the brand is Italian and they sure have Americans pinned, all of the clothing looks like it came from somewhere between a Free People and a Salvation Army.  You're lucky if you can find more than a couple of each item on the shelves.  Everything goes super quickly.

The store is packed with garments that look like they've already been worn and have been sitting in a wash basket- that is to say a bit grungy and wrinkly.  The quality is questionable.  There's lots of unfinished hems and frayed edges but I think that's part of the look.   On any given day, you can find hoards of locals and tourists from age 12 to 35 flocking into the cramped space to buy, buy, buy.  In fact, Brandy Melville would do well to double the size of the store.  Often the line to checkout snakes around the whole store making it impossible for shoppers and maddening for those waiting to pay for the reasonably priced garments because they keep getting pushed around.  Just look at the pictures there's barely anywhere to move.

Regardless, Brandy Melville is on to something.  They've perfected a formula for reasonably priced fashionable clothing with a slight edge.  Their location is also perfectly suited to attracting tourists walking down Broadway and locals on their way to Uniqlo.  So if you've never been, and you are of the female gender, drop by, you'll probably find something you like.  If you don't, theres a million other stores you'll like right around the corner. You can also

shop online.

Brandy Melville Soho

518 Broadway (between Spring and Broome Streets)

Soho, NYC