WTF Art: Cary Leibowitz

Sure, these photos are from The Armory Show which was a few weeks ago, but that doesn't change the WTF associated with Cary Leibowitz's booth at the event.  Cary's "art" consisted of wood painted with phrases much like a sign pointing you to a neighborhood garage sale.  The phrases attempted to be clever and some people were even fooled into thinking they were, posing for pictures with them.  We stood along side them, also snapping pictures... but only so we could share the garbage with you.

Cary Leibowitz is also known as Candyass.  But that's neither here nor there.  Back to the paintings. Can you really even call them paintings?  I'm not sure.  Paintings even at the pre-school or kindergarten level can be skillful, but these were just words on signs.  The signs weren't even painted well, you could see the wood peeking through around the edges.  The words on the signs riffed on pop culture and fashion at a the level of a fifth grader that had been held back several years in a row.  They weren't provocative enough to make me think or humorous enough to make me laugh.  It was sad, really. Leibowitz seemed to think so too, judging by the amount of time the word sad was used in the installation.  If you purchased yourself a piece by Cary Leibowitz, I pity you and I'm sorry that you wasted your money.