Back to Nature: Solifestyle Visits the Brooklyn Botanic Garden

When you're constantly surrounded by buildings and concrete, crammed into crowded subway cars, and can't actually remember the last time you saw grass, its time to get back to nature. We were itching for a little peace and fresh air, so we boarded the good ol' G train and walked through Prospect Park to the

Brooklyn Botanic Garden

this past Saturday with our good friend Mike Brun (of

Conversations with Mike Brun

). We took our time, wandering through the gardens and greenhouses, literally stopping to smell the flowers. Many of the trees were bare and the baby buds are getting ready to spring into action, but we didn't mind. All of that fresh air left us feeling totally rejuvenated. Highlights included the sculpture/bench

Sandy Remixed

, crafted out of downed trees from Hurricane Sandy, and the Bonsai collection.

If you need a little respite from the hustle and bustle of the city, we recommend checking out the BBG. Especially at the end of April, when the amazing

cherry blossoms

will be out in full force.

Sandy Remixed

, crafted by master tree house artist Roderick Romero