The Moving Development - Forcing The Pace S/S 2013 Drop 1

There are thousands of independent brands out there but very few of them put out exciting, high-quality products on a regular basis.  We've been following

The Moving Development

for a few seasons now and it's clear that they not only know what they're doing, but they're damn good at it.  Stylistically, the UK-based TMD draws influence from the Japanese biker and military-inspired brands like Neighborhood and W)Taps that we grew up loving in the early 2000s.  My guess is that those brands also helped The Moving Development with a quality over quantity philosophy towards production.

This coming week TMD will be releasing the first drop of their 2013 Spring/ Summer collection called

Forcing the Pace

.  The release will consist of two graphic tees, a bowling shirt, and a snapback cap with the word 'Ruthless' embroidered on the front which I've already got my sights set on.  As with previous seasons, the collection features bold graphics and cool sayings which make me want to wear pretty much everything.  This season's words of wisdom are, 'Always Have Always Will,' a seeming self-acknowleding nod to the consistency of the brand over the past years.  You can look out for the release


 on April 13th and make sure to follow their


page to keep up to date.  Having seen the first drop, we're hyped for what they've got coming up for the remainder of the season.