Photographer Focus: Diego Diez Peñacoba

Diego describes himself as shy, but you'd never know it from his photography, which is packed with attitude. Hailing from Spain, Sr. Peñacoba's style is super current, and tons of fun. From intimate, hilarious portraits like the one above to his more abstract work and landscapes, his photos run the gamut.

Diego loves photography because he treats it like illustration - his camera is his sketchbook, and he loves documenting key moments. His newest ongoing project, titled "The Trap Series" is a series of portraits of people's faces concealed by bandanas, showing them all in the same composition to highlight their differences (see a few below). He also has a fun Tumblr, which serves as his personal diary through photos. Check out a short interview with the artist below, as well as more of his work in his online portfolio.


Seville, Spain.

favorite camera

I'm currently working with a Canon 5DII and several point and shoot film cameras. I'd love to have a medium format camera some day!

random fact about yourself

I'm really shy.

favorite subject matter to shoot

People, I love shooting people in different situations!

photographers you admire

Actually I'm really hyped with Synchrodogs and Yougo Jeberg.

what makes a great photo

I think it has to transmit something, even if it's only to the photographer who took it, but it doesn't have to be "just nice" I think.

what makes a terrible photo

HDR hahaha.

why do you love photography?

I think in some way it's like illustration, it allows you to carry a cam everywhere, like a sketchbook, but I'm terrible at drawing so...

do you do any other art?

I'm currently studying graphic design so I'd love to combine both some day. I like the work of Julien Vallée or Serial Cut (Sergio del puerto) which is really hand craft but needs photography for its resolution.