Enjoying a Winter Break in Bryant Park

NYC changes a lot during the winter.  Instead of sweating profusely in the subway, you freeze on the platform and then sweat as you get stuffed into a subway car with a hundred other people wearing down coats.  But there are some redeeming qualities- festive shopping, pretty decorations throughout the city, and of course the parks. 

Bryant Park is one of my favorites during the winter.  Not only is it centralized between Kinokuniya Bookstore and the New York Public Library, but it's privately managed which affords it some cool opportunities.  At the center of the park is Citi Pond an ice skating rink surrounded by a lounge where you can warm up and sip champagne.  There are also winter shops that open around the holidays and offer everything from gifts to Wafels and Dinges.  So if you're ever looking to kill time, or if you're visiting the city and looking to get into the Christmas spirit, make sure to stop by.  Check out some photos of the park below and let us know what your favorite winter spot in NYC is.

Bryant Park

40th to 42nd Streets (between 5th and 6th avenues)

Midtown, Manhattan