Solifestyle Hits the World Maker Faire at the New York Hall of Science

Simply put, the

World Maker Faire

this past weekend was AWESOME. Held at the New York Hall of Science in scenic Queens, the fair sprawled out through the museum and onto the expansive park grounds surrounding it. The Faire celebrates science and inventions of all shapes and sizes. There was literally something for everyone at the fair: carousel unicorns on fire, metro card robots, lego avengers, exploding coke zero, 3D printers...(now we're sounding like Stephan from SNL). Highlights included a power wheels race, and a huge life-sized version of Mouse Trap. Be on the look out for posts throughout the week on our favorite Maker Faire festivities, but for now just check out our review in photos.

Metrocard Man & Robot

A Ride-on Monarch from the

Austin Bike Zoo

Custom jeans by

Bushwick Print Lab


Psy in space


, the Open Source Multicoptor

Drawing on cars.

Coke + Mentos = Explosions

Mobile cupcakes, aka the ultimate halloween costume

Lego Avengers