United Photo Industries Presents Foto/Pods '12

Old, rusty shipping containers were repurposed into awesome mini gallery spaces this past weekend at the DUMBO Arts Festival. Unexpected and pop-up installations are some of our favorite elements of the NYC art scene, so we were really excited when we got to speak to United Photo Industries, the creatives behind the show.  The UPI collective is dedicated to showcasing emerging photographic talent (what we love to do through our Photo of the Day and Photographer Focus posts) and curating unique and site-specific shows, just like the shipping container display this weekend, called Foto/Pods '12.

Getting to experience several unique bodies of work, each inside their own container, while still having the show come together as a whole because of the manner in which they were displayed was a great way to see and learn about new artists.  We'll be looking forward to the next Photoville exhibit, where United Photo Industries will be doing the same thing on a much larger scale.  Take a look at Foto/Pods below and learn more about United Photo Industries here.

Ocean Beach

by Swedish-born photographer Douglas Ljungkvist; the artist with his work below

Walking in Quicksand: Afghan Refugees in Greece

by Zalmai