Discover Christopher Columbus Inside a Living Room 70 Feet in the Air

Yesterday we wrote about United Photo Industries' site specific shipping container based 

photography show

in Brooklyn.  Today we want to tell you about one of 2012's most unique site specific events which is currently happening in Manhattan.  Based around the statue of Christopher Columbus in Columbus Circle, Japanese artist Tatzu Nishi (famous for his temporary installations transforming how we experience statues and architecture) has constructed a large room around the statue of Columbus more than 70 feet above the ground.

The installation which is called

Discovering Columbus

, puts visitors face to face with Christopher Columbus, a statue which is notoriously hard to see from ground level or the surrounding buildings, and completely changes your relationship with the 120 year old monument.  The statue becomes the center peice of a fully furnished living room overlooking Central Park and will be an amazing visit during the fall and winter months.  Make sure bring your walking shoes though, because it takes six flights of stairs to climb up to the space.  Along with Nishi's Discovering Columbus, the parks department will be working to restore the weathered granite and marble for future generations to enjoy.

You can get


 tickets to experience Discovering Columbus


.  Visits are scheduled in advance and are for 30 minute time slots through November 18th.  Take a look at some pictures below from Tom Powel Imaging.

Discovering Columbus by Tatzu Nishi

Until November 18th at Columbus Circle

Manhattan, NYC