Hermès Special Menswear Events: New York, San Fran, Seattle

For guys whose lives are truly SOLIFESTYLE, this weekend is your chance to participate in what will surely be one of fashion's most expensive events in recent memory.  Insanely luxurious French brand Hermès is launching an expansion of their menswear lines in the USA and to commemorate their increased menswear focus, they are planning special events in three cities- NYC, San Francisco and Seattle.

The New York City event will happen this weekend at their Madison Avenue flagship store with a special emphasis on Hermes' rare and exclusive bespoke and made to measure services.  Can you say custom suits lined in Hermès scarves? Can you say hope you're ready to spend money in the tens of thousands? There will also be a presentation of some over the top, one of a kind items like a rose gold and black crocodile strap Tourbillon watch and a dark green Bayou Crocodile Barda messenger bag.

If you're drooling and have your hand on your black card just reading this post, then check out the details of the event below.

Hermès Menswear Events:

New York City at 690 Madison Avenue - October 5th and 6th

San Francisco at 125 Grant Avenue - October 19th to 24th

Seattle at the Bravern, 11111 Northeast 8th Street Suite 245 - October 31st to November 6th